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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Ensuring that information of your product or service reaches consumers at the right time and through channels convenient for them, is in essence what a marketing plan defines. Simple as it may sound the complexities of creating a well structured marketing plan in immense and therefore needs to be based on sound domain knowledge and in-depth functional capability.

At BPlan Experts, our team of domain experts and marketing champions analyze your business, look into market trends and create customized marketing plans, to ensure that your brand reaches out to consumers in a professional manner.

Typically, our marketing plans consist of the following activities:

Industry Analysis

Based on your product or service range, we analyze specific industries for trends, market growth, competitors, substitutes and future growth prospects. The data collated and analyzed provides a platform for understanding the market, consumers and to create options for us to build a marketing plan for your business. SWOT analysis, PEST and other model are used to analyze the environmental impact that your business may face from market forces.

Customer Analysis

Identifying your market segment, demographics and customer need, will be analyzed based on:

  • Demographics – Age, gender, income etc
  • Geography – Location, area etc
  • Behavior – The typical benefits that a customer would like to derive from the product or service.
  • Psychographic – Lifestyle and buying patterns

Customer analysis gives a true picture of your end buyer and helps to create strategies that will engage them in the buying process.

Marketing Objectives

Positioning your product or service, creating brand awareness and defining ways to become a leading player in the business segment form part of this activity. In the absence of clearly defined objectives, your business will end up without a structure or vision to work against. This is critical because marketing objectives defined have to be realistic and implementable.

Marketing Programs

This is the implementation phase of a marketing plan. Based on your product and service we use methodologies to identify pricing and promotion activities. Promotion activities include using both online channels like SEO, PPC and other web enabled programs. Off line engagements include identifying media outlets, banner options, trade journals and face to face activities.

We believe that every program needs to have a clearly defined ROI and interventions that we suggest are based on industry best practice and tried and tested methods.

Sales & Distribution

This is another key activity in the marketing plan life cycle. How do you reach your customers, what messages will your sales team carry, how will your product or service be distributed, the strength of your sales force and similar strategic options will be defined in this phase. Assessing stakeholders involved in the process along with creating a correlation between your organization, people, technology and external suppliers will be mapped to create an end to end understanding of this critical activity.

Financial Forecasts

Demonstrating the true cost of your marketing strategy is part of the financial planning support that we offer. Identifying returns on investment, sales growth, revenue projections through balance sheet, cash flows and income statement is what creates a complete marketing plan.

At BPlan Experts we do not provide theoretical marketing plans. Creating implementable and measurable outcomes that provides tangible value to our customers is what we specialize in.