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About Hormond

Hormond marketing in marketing efforts to raise awareness and help business owners to move in different directions and professional method is fundamentally correct.

In view of Hormond any person or any company of any grade, industry, and market that wants to be in business right feel progress. Therefore, mean no progress, continuous efforts, and attrition, but a conscious effort to move in the right direction and basic.

Hormond business owners after detailed explanation declare that wishes to take steps in that way, deliberate effort painstaking efforts will be replaced in the shortest time. We believe that the time, cost and effort on the right track size, saving many businesses Iran.

Hormond with expertise in the field of marketing (market research, planning, training, marketing, sales promotion and advertising), graphic design and integrating it with the knowledge of IT (information technology) business owners is trying to help Iran a real pleasure to taste their business. The combination of global knowledge and experience marketing experts Hormond workspace Iranian organization principles with modern methods and innovative strategies to provide business owners and their customers that their satisfaction is.

Including Hormond marketing agency services include marketing consulting, business consulting, advertising consulting, training, marketing and sales for companies and organizations, providing educational products and functional advertising sales marketing, business plan, marketing plan, design and implementation of advertising campaigns, online and digital marketing, marketing audit and power generation, marketing tools and software needed by companies and organizations cited.